Carl Sandburg's Home

1800 Little River Road
Flat Rock, NC
(828) 693-4178

Carl Sandburg who was recognized as the "People's Poet", was also an author, historian, Pulitzer-prize winner and biographer of Abraham Lincoln.

Carl Sandburg and his family moved to his home known as "Connemara Farms" in 1945 for peace and solitude for his writing. He lived at the estate for 22 years with his family. 

Today you can take a tour of Carl Sandburg's home with a tour guide who will give you interesting information about Carl Sandburg and his wife and family.  Also, don't forget to visit Mrs. Sandburg's world-renowned herd of dairy goats. You are permitted to walk among the goats, pet them and even have your picture taken with the goats by your friends. The 264 acre farm also includes rolling pastures, hiking trails, two small lakes, several ponds, flower and vegetable gardens, and an apple orchard.

Mr. Sandburg was a collector of books. There are about 10,000 books in the home, along with notes and papers.  It took several railroad cars to move all the books from Elmhurst, MI.

There are five miles of hiking trails on the property. Most trails are rated easy to moderate. 

Hours are 9:30a to 4:30p everyday except Christmas Day.  For more information visit Carl Sandburg Home